Endodontic Surgery in Naperville

Endodontic Surgery in Naperville

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Endodontist in Naperville

A failed root canal is not necessarily a loss, because there are ways to remedy them. At the endodontic practice of Linda Ricks, DDS, MS, PC, you can have your root canal remedied with a surgical procedure called an apicoectomy.

Contrary to what some people think, a failed root canal is not necessarily a sign that the procedure was done improperly. Under ideal circumstances, the success rate for the treatment is about 90%. And new infections can arise later on for various possible reasons. You will likely suffer symptoms that are very similar to the ones that originally led you to need root canal in the first place: pain, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, and swelling being among them. There are three ways that the situation can be addressed. Endodontic retreatment is the only one that is non-surgical. It is doing the root canal over again. The worst case scenario is to have the tooth extracted. Loss of a tooth creates several problems, including cosmetic. Our endodontic surgery in Naperville may, however, be the best option for your specific circumstances. This will be determined through an examination and x-rays, along with the expert evaluation of Dr. Ricks. Our endodontic surgery in Naperville means opening the gums near the tooth and then taking out the infected tissue along with the root tip. It may be necessary to remove some bone tissue to gain access. A special filling is then put in, which will make further infection less likely. Our endodontist will then stitch up your gums. The bone will take up to a few months to fully heal.

Whenever it is possible, being able to keep your natural tooth is always the best outcome to try for. When you need to address a tooth that has previously undergone root canal, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Our endodontic surgery in Naperville is an effective method for remedying the problem.

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