Endodontist in Lisle

Endodontist in Lisle

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Endodontic Office in Lisle

Dr. Linda Ricks, DDS, MS, PC is an endodontist in Lisle. Our practice focuses only on endodontics to give you the best in root canal treatment. Using state of the art technology and updated equipment, we aim to make your endodontic treatment pain-free, comfortable and quick.

We specialize in Conventional, Microscopic and Surgical Endodontics. Besides same day appointments and treatments, we also offer our patients nitrous oxide sedation, treatment for a failed root canal, microscopic endodontics and surgical endodontics and apicoectomies. We know that saving a tooth is the best option if it can be done, because natural teeth are strong and durable. A root canal has a 90% success rate. There are also times when a root canal may fail a patient and they come to us for treatment after receiving one. If there is poor oral hygiene present, or the patient has not kept up with oral hygiene techniques, the root canal site can need re-treatment. One reason for failure is that sometimes there is a problem during the treatment like files that have become lodged in the canal, which can be removed in most cases but sometimes they can’t.

Our offices are open Monday through Friday at various hours and patients can either call us or visit our website endodontist in Lisle for more information. Also, connect with us through Google Plus and Facebook. Your first visit with us allows us to establish a vital foundation for our relationship together. Our website contains all the information you’ll need, like a map and directions to our office, our hours, patient forms like a patient information form, a medical history form and a payment option form, and more. Filling the proper forms out can cut down on the time you’re here for your first visit, so it’s not a bad thing to have them done beforehand.

1112 South Washington, Suite 206
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 687-1590