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Lisle Root Canal

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Root canal in Lisle

Lisle Root Canal
Lisle Root Canal

When the inside of your tooth becomes damaged or infected, you will need our Lisle root canal to treat the tooth. There is no reason to worry about this procedure, because due to the advancements made in technology in recent years, it is done with the utmost of comfort. Most patients find it perfectly comfortable done under local anesthesia, but we are also pleased to offer nitrous oxide sedation if you are nervous about it anyway. We at the office of Dr. Linda Ricks are pleased to offer expert endodontic care to our valued patients like you.

The causes that lead to our Lisle root canal can be traced back to your tooth enamel and its protective barrier around your tooth. Decay results in cavities, and cavities leave space for bacteria to find their way inside your tooth. The same is true if your tooth becomes chipped or fractured. In fact, the more quickly you act to have those issues treated, the better the odds are that you can avoid an infection. Not all instances of our Lisle root canal are because of infections, though. Some dislodged teeth, and virtually all avulsed ones (those that have been knocked completely free of their sockets) will need the procedure to have a chance of saving the tooth. Symptoms include pain, possibly severe; sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks; gum tenderness; and tooth discoloration. Pain can be especially noticeable when you chew or you apply pressure to the tooth. Root canal is one treatment option. The other is a tooth extraction, which is not recommended. It is always better to retain your natural tooth and restore it to health, whenever that is possible.

At the first sign of pain or any of the other listed indications, reach out to us immediately. We Lisle root canal will schedule you for a timely appointment to come in for treatment.

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