Root canal in Lisle

Root Canal in Lisle

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What is a root canal in Lisle

A root canal is a non-surgical treatment that addresses a tooth that has sustained an infection in or damage to its pulp, the inner portion of the tooth that is located right next to the nerve. Without it, you should end up losing the tooth in question, having it extracted and dealing with all of the negative aspects of missing one of your teeth, including the practical and the cosmetic. At the practice of Linda Ricks, DDS, MS, PC, you will be pleased to know that our root canal in Lisle is successful around 90% of the time, and is done under local anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort. We even offer nitrous oxide sedation if you’re nervous or have fear about the procedure.

The pulp of a tooth is typically well protected. Your enamel and dentin layers form a barrier around it. However, there are several typical ways that the barrier may be breached: a cavity (especially a large one), a particularly deep filling, a loose filling, a lost filling, a chipped tooth, and a cracked or fractured tooth. The clock is ticking when one of those instances occur. Your tooth is exposed, and the chance of infection is greater over time. If you suffer an accident or injury that ends up with your tooth being separated from its socket, either partially or entirely, you likewise may suffer pulp damage that demands our root canal in Lisle. The pulp and the nerve are removed, and the canals are cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. It may take more than one session to finish our root canal in Lisle, but the outcome is one that makes any effort put in absolutely worth it. You get to keep your tooth, and it remains strong and viable, especially after a dental crown is cemented to the top of the healed tooth to restore its full size and function.

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